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This untitled fountain in the courtyard of the Kanawha County Public Library was erected concurrently with the library in 1967. A $40,000 gift from the Joe Lowenstein Memorial Foundation funded landscaping and the fountain. Robert Cronbach designed and installed the work, which is bronze. Cronbach — famous for his sculptures and fountains at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the United Nations — designed this work to look like water flowing over rocks and mountains. The piece remained in operation as a fountain until July 2020. The piece has since been removed due to library renovations. It is being temporarily stored and will eventually be permanently installed at an undecided location.

Robert Cronbach leans on the fountain during installation, 1967.

Monochrome, Arch, Monochrome photography, Black-and-white

The sculpture in its original location in front of the library.

Fixture, Door, Sculpture, Concrete

The work being removed for safe storage in 2020.

Tire, Wheel, Automotive tire, Fender

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