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The Tennessee River Museum is located in Hardin County, Tennessee. With only a small fee of $3.00 for adults, students and children get in for free! This Museum will be fun for your entire family as it is family friendly with seven permanent exhibits. The Tennessee River Museum experience begins when you visit the official website link available here on Clio.

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The Tennessee River Museum is located in Hardin County, Tennessee. The TRM, which is non-profit, was founded in 1992. You will find the museum in the "historic old post office building immediately west of the courthouse in downtown Savannah."1

"Educating Americans about their legacy,"2 the Tennessee River Museum is for adults and children alike as it houses seven permanent exhibits for the visitors to enjoy. Each of these exhibits represent a different time-period in Hardin County's history.

Here are some exhibits you will experience when you visit The Tennessee River Museum:

  • Archaeology
  • Pioneers
  • Trail of Tears
  • War on the River
  • The Golden Age of Steamboats
  • Musseling
  • Early Crossings
  • War and Remembrance3 

Each of these exhibits has a wealth of history that pertains to Hardin County however, will appeal to anyone hungry for American History! From steamboats and pearl culturing to Civil War History, the Native American Trail of Tears, and even fossils, children and adults alike will enjoy this museum.

An "Event List" is available on the official site link which you can find here on Clio. Virtually travel by clicking on the Official Site Link. You will find upcoming events that may include things such as "Cinderella," "Tiny Tot Tuesday," banquets, and concerts.4 For a more complete list of upcoming events, use the provided link below to visit the "tour Hardin County" webpage.5

A family oriented museum, the Tennessee River Museum reaches out even through the official museum link. You may choose a variety of age appropriate links from their official site for additional fun as you travel, rest in your hotel, or from the comfort of your home. Your children will have online access to "PBS Kids Island," "FunBrain," "Smithsonian for Kids," and more through your smart phone, computer, or tablet.6

After you visit this exciting family oriented museum, visit their gift shop to find "handmade dolls, locally harvested honey, books, games, and toys for all ages!"7

  • According to the official website of the Tennessee River Museum, this museum is a National Military Park Cooperating site as well as:
  • Trail of tears National Historic Trail designated site
  • Tennessee Heritage Trail site
  • Partners with the USDA
  • National Park Service
  • IBM
  • The State of Tennessee
  • The Smithsonian Institution
  • National Geographic Society and Others

Also available through the museum official website are links to historical topics such as The Trail of Tears, Tennessee State Museum, and others.8

The Tennessee River Museum welcomes donations that will contribute to the "legacy of preservation and education through planned giving."9

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