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SYVERTSEN, Ingrid, b. Feb 14 1908 d. Aug 16 1989 "Beloved Wife & Mother" (F266-6) Ingrid and her husband Olav emigrated from Norway to New York in the 1920s. In 1940, they were living in Brooklyn, NY with two children, George and Marie. They later had a second son, Clifford in 1945 and a second daughter, Evelyn. While in New York, family lore has it that she served as the chair of the New York City chapter of the Girl Scouts of America. They moved to Jacksonville Beach in 1951. In the 1956 city directory, Olav’s occupation was listed as captain at the Barlow Dredge AG& P company. They lived at 522 North 8th Avenue in Jacksonville Beach at that time. George and Clifford are also buried in this cemetery.

United States Census

Polk's Jacksonville Beaches City Directory 1956

"Justice for George Syversten," by Johnny Woodhouse, Beaches Leader, October 26, 2007