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Geraldine the Giraffe is a paint on metal work created by Rob Cleland in 2019. The work is part of the IN PLACE initiative by the city of Charleston, which commissioned public works of art that integrate into their surroundings. Cleland's contribution to this project is a sculpture of a giraffe poking its head above a hedgerow. The giraffe is inspired by Christopher Thorne's Youtube videos and books, which feature a puppet named Geraldine the Giraffe teaching children phonics. Cleland has been creating in Charleston since 1987 and works in a huge variety of mediums. His public artwork appears throughout the city.

IN PLACE - Geraldine the Giraffe.

Vegetation, Terrestrial animal, Jaw, Giraffidae

Artist Rob Cleland holding the two halves of his work before installation.

Vertebrate, Giraffe, Shoe, Giraffidae

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