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Built by the New Orleans Great Northern Railroad (NOGN) in 1906, this historic depot is one of only two NOGN train stations remaining on the railroad's original route in Mississippi. The route was constructed between 1905 to 1909 and ran from Jackson, Mississippi south to Slidell, Louisiana and then to New Orleans. The other NOGN depot is located in Jackson. It appears the Monticello depot is unused today but is maintained.

The New Orleans Great Northern Railroad Depot was built in 1906 and served as a passenger and freight station.

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Map of the NOGN route with connecting spur lines.

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The New Orleans Great Northern Railroad was established on January 27, 1905 by the Great Southern Lumber Company. At the time, the company was building a large sawmill in Bogalusa, Louisiana. On June 1, 1905, the NOGN acquired the East Louisiana Railroad and spent the next four years building the line. Although built by a lumber company, the railroad transported passengers in addition to shipping freight. The Gulf, Mobile, and Northern Railroad (GM&N) bought the NOGN in 1929. In 1940, the (GM&N) merged with another company to form the Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio Railroad (GM&O). Passengers used the depot until 1954 but freight operations continued until 1971. The GM&O later merged with the Illinois Central Railroad in 1978. The depot was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.

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