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Staci Leech-Cornell's Head Wrap captures the essence of the IN PLACE project in an unparalleled way. Leech, a Nitro, WV based artist, created the work in 2019. The piece consists of paint on metal, though Leech-Cornell also manipulated the appearance of concrete blocks. The paint on metal component of the work peeks above a concrete retaining wall and depicts a Black woman wearing a bright read head wrap tied with a bow. Leech-Cornell painted the wall Black to create a negative space for the portrait, which cleverly causes the woman's silhouette to be suggested by the cracks of the wall itself. While other place such as Bob Ross and Girl use the site as their figures' hair, Head Wrap does the opposite, installing the hair but using the site for the silhouette. This seamless integration of the contrived and natural is a triumphant expression of the IN PLACE initiative's mission to incorporate art with its surroundings.

IN PLACE - Head Wrap.

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