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This middle school is located in the Pasco County School District and is home grades 6-8. Rushe Middle is located directly next to Sunlake High school, its sister school, and takes its students primarily from Oakstead Elementary School. It was founded in the year 2007, and the school's teams are all the Rushe Ravens.

This image is a depiction of the front of the school with its three stories clearly visible, the logo on the side, and the front information board that runs informational updates and messages to passersby.

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The principal, David Salerno, is pictured in the front with other staff from the school.

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This is the logo for the school, and has been since it's opening in 2007. It depicts the school's mascot, the raven, in their colors, teal and gold.

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Charles S. Rushe, their mascot the Raven, is a public middle/secondary school located in the Pasco County school district of Land O' Lakes, Florida. Their motto is "Home of the Ravens", and they were founded in 2007. The school itself is named after Charles S. Rushe, who funded much of the school's construction. The school is three stories tall and sits on the corner of Mentmore Boulevard and Sunlake Boulevard, directly adjacent to Sunlake High School, where the majority of its students go after they graduate. The school teaches grades 6-8, with supplementary schooling from the high school next door when necessary and available. It pulls students in from Oakstead Elementary School down the street, and has high ratings, with an "A" rating from the baseline in 2015 and continuously getting "A"s until their most recent evaluation in 2019. Their current principal is David Salerno and has been there since 2011. He has been in Pasco County for over 20 years, starting as a teacher in Pasco and moving his way up through the district and many schools in the county until becoming the principal at Charles S. Rushe, where he has been for almost ten years. The school has three stories, and the stories are each meant to house a specific grade level. Since the school teaches grades 6-8, the first floor is for 6th graders, the second story for 7th graders, and the third story for 8th graders, each grade with their own assistant principal that will follow the children as they go through middle school, so the assistant principal for 6th graders moves to 7th grade with them so they children can be the most comfortable with their assistant principal. The school also has its own basketball courts as well as a track and soccer field. While it does technically have a football field, since it is located directly next to Sunlake High School, the two share the field and so it does not technically "belong" to either one and the high school is generally scheduled for priority events. The cafeteria is located on the interior of the school, as is the gymnasium, which houses the basketball courts the school uses for its school team. All school teams are the "Ravens". Charles S. Rushe Middle School participates in Cheerleading, which has no specific teams, as well as; Volleyball, Soccer, and Basketball, all with a boys and girls team that play other boys and girls teams respectively within the district.

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This source provided the baseline information about the school and its current staffing, as well as information about the motto, school colors, etc, as well as its history up to this point. It is the official website for the school, provided by the school and maintained very frequently for the purposes of helping the students access their online resources and providing parents access to the paperwork they might need or the contact information to get in touch with staff at the school.

School Grades, Pasco County Schools. Accessed February 28th 2021.

This source is posted by the school district that runs CSRMS and was used to see their grades, which are a representation of how well a school prepares their students and is based on the grades that the students achieve on their finals. The site contains similar grades for all the other school in the district and allows parents to compare the grades of different schools so they can make an informed decision about what school they would want to enroll their child in.

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This source is the picture of the principal, David Salerno, and his fellow staff members outside of the school. This will provide a visual for anyone looking to see what the principal of the school is like, and what the school and staff look like.

Lonon, S. (2011, March 09). Rushe's new principal is no stranger to Land O' Lakes. Retrieved March 29, 2021, from

This source was incredibly helpful in detailing the backstory of the principal of the school, David Salerno, and what he did before he became the principal of Charles S. Rushe middle. The source was written when he became principal to show that he had been with and was working for Pasco County Schools for a very long time and is very passionate about working with middle schoolers, as that was when he had the best experience with one of his teachers.

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This source shows the logo of the school as well as the school's colors, teal and gold.

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