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The Quincy Mine is an extensive set of copper mines located near Hancock, Michigan. The mine was owned by the Quincy Mining Company and operated between 1846 and 1945, however, some activities continued through the 1970s. First established in 1846, Quincy Mine was one of the early mines to the Copper Country. After slow stream of progress for nearly a decade, the discovery of the Pewabic Lode on the property caused for their fortunes to turn around.

Quincy Mines

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The Quincy Mining Company represented the growth and development of the United States copper industry during the early years through 1920. Numerous mining ventures were created by the nation's first copper boom, Quincy Mining Company alone managed to survive. It was the first company to recognize the limits of fissure mining and shift to amygdaloid beds, which, with the conglomerate lodes, were the low mineral-content rock upon which the future of the copper range district of the Keweenaw Peninsula depended. The company earned the title "Old Reliable" for a fifty-four-year sequence of dividends paid to its stockholders and its ability to continue mining during economically difficult times when all but the giant Calumet and Hecla had shut down. Quincy became the second largest mining company in the area by the 1880s and paid dividends every year from 1862-1920. At closing in 1945, Quincy shafts plunged 9,260 feet into the ground, making them some of the deepest in the world at the time.

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