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The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, founded on May 12, 1914, is one of Jacksonville, Florida's defining landmarks hosting a large array of wildlife from around the world. The zoo was considered to have the largest collection of animals in all of the Southern United States by the 60's. The zoo also had an important role in defining Jacksonville's football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars as the zoo was one of the only zoo's in the country to host a Black jaguar.

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-This is the official website of the Jacksonville Zoo which covers the zoo as a whole. The website contains information on the hours, ticket prices, exhibits, species, conservation programs, and more.

The humble beginnings of the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, Jacksonville Magazine. August 20th 2018. Accessed February 28th 2021.

-This website covers the zoo's beginnings in 1914 as a small exhibit for a red tailed deer. The website describes major events for the zoo including it's expansion of animals that it displayed and it's relocation to the trout river (where it currently resides). The article ends with the mention of how popular the Jacksonville zoo is today with Michael Jackson's elephant being delivered to the zoo.