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Constructed in 1929 and completed in 1937, the Outer Drive Bridge, located on the Chicago River, was an important infrastructure project. This double-deck bascule bridge, designed by Joseph Strauss, was the longest, widest, and heaviest bridge of its kind upon completion. The Outer Drive Bridge was constructed to create many jobs for the citizens of Chicago; not only would the production create job opportunities, but the bridge would also link the south and north side of the city. In addition to creating more jobs, the bridge was proposed as a method to ease traffic flow on Michigan Ave and the Loop. Outer Drive Bridge was officially named the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Bridge and can still be visited, as it remains a vital part of Chicago's transportation network.

Water, Building, Sky, Skyscraper

Water, Building, Skyscraper, Sky

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This site provides a history of the bridge as well as technical information on the structure. This source will allow me to gain useful insight relating to the architectural specifications of the bridge, important documentation, and recent changes made to this site. Providing the best amount of information about the type of bridge constructed, and well as the newer additions in the years following its opening, this source is most useful when describing the technicalities and members involved with its production.

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The photos within this source will provide a better understanding of some of the processes, structures, and special events centered around this bridge. A project that was seven years in the making, this source provides the best amount of information through photographs- many of which were taking during the building process and at the grand opening. With these photos, a better description of the bridge, its location, and its importance can be supported.