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Designed by H E Clifford, Scotstoun United Free Church was dedicated in 1906. The congregation had been established in 1902, with early services being held in the adjacent church hall. The union of 1929 brought the congregation into the Church of Scotland and the parish became Scotstoun East. Following amalgamations with Scotstoun West (1987 - destroyed by fire and demolished) and Whiteinch (1992 - converted into flats), the building was renamed to Scotstoun and Whiteinch Parish Church. The church was later renamed Scotstoun Parish Church after the re-establishment of Whiteinch Parish Church in February 2000 and is now the only remaining church in Scotstoun

Scotstoun Parish Church (originally Scotstoun United Free Church)

Sky, Window, Tree, Building

Building, Rectangle, House, Facade

Accessed February 23rd 2021.

Accessed February 23rd 2021.

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