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Wild Furniture Store Rothenbach Funeral Home Phillip Funeral Home 1986 George Wild was born March 3, 1866 at Schleisinger- ville, Wis. where he attended St. Peter's Parochial School. Later, in June of 1899 he married Lillian Bies of Rt. 1 Schleisingerville. It didn't take long and in 1900 George \\ild started construction proceedings of two large busi- ness structures one at 119 W. Franklin St. - known today as Kettle Moraine Dr. (Wild Furniture and Hardware Store.) and the other at 121 W. Franklin St. (Wild Furni- ture Warehouse.) Each building had the name of WILD embedded in the structure. George worked hard every day and with his strong will- power, he built up a lucrative business. Lillian, his wife, was a big help to George and a real pal. Besides being an excellent homemaker (one of the best) she would share his business interests and take care of the store business while George would take time out, periodically, to do a bit of fishing at Cedar Lake, which he enjoyed immensely, after a busy and strenuous week of "selling and delivering." They had one child, Margaret, born Jan. 11, 1903, who also in later years became exceptionally talented in the ART of "oil painting" (dishes) and also large "canvas oil paintings." She died June 12, 1947. Being an honest, trustworthy and well liked "Business man" with a cheerful personality, George Wild managed both places for 32 years until his death on Dec. 9, 1933. Lillian Wild lived to a good age of 92. She passed on March 24, 1965.

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