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In May, 1919, Frank Gundrum moved to Slinger and entered into partnership with his brother Joseph and opened Gundrum Bros. Meat Market. They built up a reputation and were widely know for their homemade sausage, particularly summer sausage and smoked pork sausage, as well as hickory smoked hams and bacon. Mail orders constituted a large portion of their business, and summer -sausage was mailed to every state in the union. President Franklin Roosevelt at Hyde Park, New York, was on the mailing list. The largest single order ever sent out from Gundrum Bros. Market was 2,000 pounds of smoked pork sausage sent to a Chicago firm. In 1950 the partnership was dissolved and the business sold to Frank's son, Roy, and Alfred Tennies, a long time employee. Alfred retired in the early 1970s and Roy in 1978. The business was passed onto Roy's son, Tom, who ran it until 2006. See more below.

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Gundrum’s Market

by Michael Gundrum

(Submitted by Emily Lofy)


In 1919 - just 10 years after modern concrete sidewalks were poured in Schleisingerville (now Slinger), WI - Gundrum Bros. Meat Market was constructed on the site of the old Rosenheimer implement shed. Frank Gundrum and his brother Joseph (both born in Allenton, WI) opened the market having previously worked in and opened a meat market in Milwaukee. Gundrum’s Market quickly became known for their high-quality sausages, bacon and hams, hickory smoked using a cold-smoking process developed in Germany in the 1800’s. In 1940, The Sentinel characterized Gundrum Bros. Market as the place, “…where the housewife knows she can secure the best in fresh and cooked meat at the most reasonable prices.”


Gundrum Bros. Meat Market became Gundrum’s Market when Frank and Joe sold the business to Frank’s son Roy Gundrum and Alfred Tennies in 1950. Mr. Tennies retired in the early 1970’s and Roy retired in 1978, selling the business to his son Thomas Gundrum. Tom ran the business until 2006.


During the 91 years that Gundrum’s Market served Slinger and the surrounding communities, the business gained and maintained a loyal following. Vacationers making their way up north would stop at the market to purchase handcrafted meats. If a customer was not able to travel to the market in person, they requested their orders be mailed, with the holidays marking an especially busy time for mail orders. Historical documentation notes that Franklin Roosevelt was on the Gundrum Bros. Market mailing list and visited the shop.


Each Gundrum owner had a reputation for being friendly, professional, and efficient in his work and with customers. As larger, more commercial grocery stores came on the scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Gundrum’s remained a regional favorite due to its authenticity and high-quality products. Following Tom’s passing in 2006, another family member took on the business, eventually closing the doors for good in 2010.


In March 2013, Michael and Becky Gundrum, Tom Gundrum’s son and daughter-in-law, purchased the original building from Shirley Gundrum, Tom’s wife, and began the process of converting the storefront and the second-floor apartment into a single-family home. The two took the same pride and care in renovating the building that the family had displayed during Gundrum Market’s history. As such, rather than simply replacing the finishes, the restoration began by having the wood framing system professionally re-engineering and restructured from the roof level down to the added footing system in the basement. The renovation included removing all interior materials, down to the studs, to allow for the complete replacement of all electrical and plumbing systems. New windows, spray-in insulation, and all new drywall materials on the walls and ceilings were installed. The interior renovation also included restoring the ceilings to their original 10 foot plus height and creating a modern “loft-like” open floor plan on the lower level. The upper level was restored to create a more traditional and private layout to accommodate three bedrooms, a sitting area, two full modern bathrooms and laundry room. A full two car garage with an expansive office space above, looking over downtown Slinger, was added to complete the project. The Gundrum family undertook this extensive renovation to create this unique residence that blends both history and modern living into a property that will ensure the Gundrum’s Market legacy of quality and uniqueness will remain a part of Slingers history well into the 21st century. 

More below in photos and links.

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