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The Schwertfeger Shelter and Stifel Playground were constructed concurrently in 1948. The Schwertfeger Shelter is a simple open-air pavilion supported by wood trusses. Modern brick reinforcements have been added to the corners of the structure. The central stone fireplaces are original to the building. The building was named for F.C.H. Schwertfeger, a Wheeling businessman and philanthropist. Schwertfeger was business partners with George E. Stifel, after whom the playground is named. Schwertfeger and Stifel dealt primarily in dry goods and were renowned for their support of education. Though the Schwertfeger pavilion is largely original, the Stifel playground has been repeatedly replaced and updated over the years.

Picture of George E. Stifel.

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Schwertfeger Shelter.

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Stifel Playground.

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