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Whiskey Row refers to the stretch of Main Street that once built its reputation from the unique whiskey and bourbon it produced. Most of the buildings were built in the Revivalist and Chicago School style buildings with cast-iron storefronts between 1852 and 1905. Main Street was only a block from the waterfront, and distillers such as the Brown-Forman Company and John T. Barbee and Company maintained offices on this street. After a decline in production, bourbon distilleries moved to other locations and many of the buildings were demolished. In recent years, Main Street revitalization projects led to the restoration of some of the remaining buildings. Brown-Forman once again intends to distil whiskey at this location while a host of other bourbon producers and retailers are returning to Whiskey Row.

  • In the 19th century, Louisville's Main Street held so many distilleries that it was often referred to as "Whiskey Row." Given the resurgence in the spirit's popularity, restaurants and distilleries are being built in this location.
In 2014, Brown-Forman received significant tax incentives to restore two historic buildings and create a visitors center, tasting rooms, and a distillery that will produce Old Forrester bourbon. Evan Williams previously announced plans to create a similar distillery and visitor's center on Main Street. A total of five distilleries are expected to open along Main Street by 2018.