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Outdoor Sculptures on the UCSB Campus

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Located near the Eternal Flame, between Ellison Hall and the Davidson Library, the Peace Garden is an intriguing mix of metal and stone that creates this peaceful space. Dedicated in 1984 by the graduating class that year, it’s plaque reading “Dedicated by the Class of 1984 in hopes for international peace in the Olympic year.” Created by David Trowbridge, an American artist, this piece is one that stands out and disrupts the green grass.

Plant, Cloud, Sky, Leaf

Leaf, Botany, Plant, Vegetation

But why choose the pyramid shape? Generally considered to be symbols of unity and strength, the pyramid could be used in the context of when it was placed on campus to represent the class of 1984’s spirit and ambition. Graduating in a year of the Olympics, the pyramid could be a nod to the unifying message of what the games represent. In this way, the contrasting natural stone and fabricated metal of the pyramid work to compliment each other as different representations of resilience. Be sure to walk around the whole of the sculpture to see all angles of the pyramid, what do you think the class of '84 saw in this sculpture? 

The 1984 Summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles, with sporting venues spread out across the metropolitan area. The rowing and canoeing competitions were held at Lake Casitas in Ojai and the Olympians were houses 30 miles north at the UCSB campus. The Olympic Village housed 800 athletes and 400 support staff in the two-story dorms (Santa Cruz, Anacapa, and Santa Rosa Residence Halls) and also contained training facilities.

Accessed June 10th 2021.

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Photo taken by Skylar Lines, ADC intern

Photo taken by Skylar Lines, ADC intern

Photo by Julia Larson