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Outdoor Sculptures on the UCSB Campus

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Just outside the museum stands a large rock that appears at odds with the manicured landscape of the UCEN Courtyard. This rock, however, was placed there on purpose by Isabelle Greene. Looking closer, a set of initials is carved into the rock, a subtle placement on the back of the rock. The initials spell the name of a prominent female landscape architect in Santa Barbara: Isabelle Greene. A pioneer in a field dominated by men, Isabelle Greene is highly accomplished, creating many of the beautiful landscapes dotted around the local Santa Barbara area, for private and public use. Projects like LotusLand in Montecito and prominent private residences make up only part of her career in Southern California. She is known for creating beautiful landscapes and designs using native plants which are sustainable, drought-tolerant, and beautiful.

Sandstone Rock by Isabelle Greene

Rock with carving

Sandstone Rock bench

Bench carved out of rock

Sandstone rocks

Rock bench and tree

Growing up in Pasadena California, Isabelle Green came from a family with architects, namely her grandfather Henry Mather Greene. With multiple degrees under her belt, from art to botany at UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, and University of Oregon, Isabelle Greene worked as a botanical illustrator before becoming a registered landscape architect and establishing her business Isabelle Greene & Associates in 1982. As someone who grew up in Southern California with the arid mountains and coast, she had a close relationship with the landscape, pulling on this knowledge for her later work and drawings. As an artist who combines plants and artistry, her work is a reflection of a love for the specific ecosystem of Southern California by using plants that work with the drought prone climate of Southern California. 

By having this rock in front of the AD&A Museum with her initials stamped into it, it quite literally represents Isabelle Greene’s work and legacy in the Santa Barbara area and her impact on the field. 

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Photo by Skylar Lines

Photo by Skylar Lines

Photo by Skylar Lines