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Outdoor Sculptures on the UCSB Campus

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Positioned just below a set of steps in the Art Museum courtyard, in between the Westfall and Gottlieb murals, this bronze piece stands out against the lighter wall behind it. Created in 1965, the sculpture is an intriguing mix of industrial and organic forms. The chunks of bronze at certain angles look like rocks, while at others recall scrap metal that emphasizes the material it is made of. Enjoy this piece from different angles, does it remind you of anything else?

Untitled By Bernard Rosenthal

Untitled By Bernard Rosenthal

Bernard Rosenthal, or Tony Rosenthal, created this piece during a period of his artistic career focusing on Abstract Geometric Sculptures in the 1960's. Rosenthal gained notoriety for his public sculptures, creating intriguing and monumental pieces out of bronze, steel and concrete. Born in 1914 in Illinois, Rosenthal took sculpture classes at the Chicago Art Institute before becoming an assistant to Alexander Archipenko, who was known for applying Cubism to sculpture. Rosenthal's works can be found in major cities across America, including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Philadelphia. The sculptures emphasize the materials they are made of, with strong lines and curves that reflect the environment they are placed.

The 1960's saw the rise of these dynamic, metal and abstract public artworks meant to be seen from multiple perspectives. The material of the sculpture itself, whether it was bronze or steel, was a common key focus. The pieces interrupted people as they went about their day, causing them to look again at the environment around them with a closer eye.

Keeping this piece in mind, consider how this wall sculpture can be in dialogue with the larger abstract piece standing just to the right of the museum on the grass, as they were both created during this 1960's public sculpture era.

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