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Outdoor Sculptures on the UCSB Campus

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A piece easily missed, this wood, stone, concrete and aluminum ramp overlooks the rear of the Art’s Building towards the parking lot, a logical conundrum as it is a ramp to nowhere. Hidden from view in the overgrown bushes surrounding it, this work also tends to blend into its background creating mystery within itself. When visiting this interactive piece, consider looking for other pieces around UCSB’s campus that are hidden or less visible, there is a surprising amount of outdoor art on the campus!

Primarily interested in the physical and perceptual interaction between the viewer and the work of art, Mowry Baden constructs interactive structures that favor participation over visual impact. His works bridge the gap between art and the social sciences; behavior, movement, and perception are explored through relationships arising between the viewer, the sculpture, and the environment. Baden who was originally from Los Angeles creates sculptures in Canada to this day. His works try to provoke a self awareness in the participant and interrupt the way we move and interact with our environment. To fully experience the site-specific work, you are invited to walk along the elevated ramp. How does the work psychologically and physically challenge your expectations? Does the structure’s relationship to its surroundings alter your experience of the site? 

*Please walk on this piece with caution* 

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