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710 Euclid Avenue comprised of lots 1 and 2, was sold in 1894 by Garfield County to a property investor named Channing Sweet, who in 1898 quit-claimed lot 2 to Anna Sumnicht for a token fee of $15. Over the next 20 years, she and her husband August assembled lots that comprised the entire eastern half of block 24. August served as a Carbondale town trustee and as a sales agent for the Carbondale Improvement Company. At one time in the late 1890's, he was the owner of the Carbondale town ditch, which supplied the community with water. By 1900 August and Anna had five children - he was working as a farm laborer, and the home was built around this time. In 1904 Anna was the Socialist Party's candidate for Superintendent of Schools, although she did not secure the position. August was later a rural letter carrier, and there were 7 Sumnicht children. In 1918 Harrison & Susan Stiles from Kansas purchased the property for $1200. John Lamprecht purchased the home for $1400 in 1922. He was a Slovenian immigrant who was originally a coal miner living in Spring Gulch with his family. The Lamprechts had six children, and the family occupied this property for nearly 50 years. Mary Ferguson, one of the six children, would go on to become a key figure in Carbondale. One of her many contributions was founding the Mt. Sopris Historical Society. The home probably remained unchanged for many years, and was in dire need of attention by 2010. The original north building is a two-story timber and wood frame I-house; at 16'x26', it was one room deep & two rooms wide. The original portion of the home has clapboard wood siding and a side-gabled roof. The reconstructed chimney rises from the roofline where the original chimney stood. The dormers are modern additions. This property is known in Carbondale as "Old Red".

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Town of Carbondale 2019 Architectural Survey (Tatanka Historical Associates, Inc.)

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