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Constructed around 1888, 195 S 3rd St was originally part of a large group of lots co-owned by William Dinkel and Reese Tucker. Reese sold his half-interest in the lots in 1914 for $2,000 to William, the owner of Dinkel's Mercantile and an early settler of Carbondale. It is likely that this remained a rental property, and its ownership passed to William's only daughter Anne Margaret who lived across Euclid with her husband Wallace DeBeque. The property stayed in the Dinkel-DeBeque family until 1972. This Late Victorian home was an "L"-shaped plan by 1900. It has been updated and altered extensively over the years. Like the other nearby 1880's homes, when built it did not sit on a foundation. It retains the original roof shape and some of the early details.

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Late Victorian

Town of Carbondale 2019 Architectural Survey (Tatanka Historical Associates, Inc.)

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