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Located in the village of Flat Rock, North Carolina, Carl Sanburg Home National Historic Site is the home of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and writer Carl Sandburg. The Sandburg Home was built in 1838, and he had spent the final 22 years of his life at this estate, named the Connemara. Today, this site offers a tour for visitors to have a closer look about Mr. Sandburg’s daily life and his family in a 240-acre working farm, including many areas such as the goat farm, sheds, mountainside wood and 5 miles of hiking trails.

  • The Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site
  • The Blue Ridge Mountains from Sandburg's front porch
  • Exhibit Station at The Start of The Trail to The Sandburg Home
  • Sandburg Parlor with Piano; The Sandburgs were Devotees of Singing and Musical Instruments

Carl Sandburg is known as an American poet, writer, historian, biographer of Abraham Lincoln, and social activist. He is popular voice for the American through his words and songs from the twentieth century until present date.

In 1945, though a Midwesterner, Mr. Sandburg and his family moved to the Connemara for the peace and solitude; because there were the requirements for his writing. Furthermore, more than 30 acres of pastureland required for his wife, Lilian, to raise her champion dairy goats.

More than a third of his works were published while he resided here. Now, this houses his collection of 10,000 books, notes and paper works. Visit this site, visitors have a chance to enjoy the beauty and serenity of Carl Sandburg Home as well as enjoy live performances (from June until Mid-August) of Sandburg’s Rootabaga Stories and the virtual museum exhibit. 

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