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Clarksburg History Museum

Created by Iain MacKay on March 10th 2021, 5:35:31 pm.

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The Clarksburg History Museum contains one of Harrison County’s most significant collections of historical objects. The museum was founded in 2017 and has constantly expanded its space and holdings. It focuses primarily on the political, economic, and cultural history of the city of Clarksburg. Exhibits include a fossil room, military room, theater equipment, mining items, biographies of important Clarksburg natives, and many other topics. In addition to the historical displays, the Clarksburg History Museum also offers educational and cultural programming, as well as The Fiddlers Hands Gift Shop. The museum is located in the Harrison County Board of Education building. This entry features a virtual tour of the museum, perfect for experiencing the collection from home, or supplementing an in-person visit. At each stop on the entry, qualified and passionate individuals share their perspective on different collections within the museum.