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Vernon was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin to parents Herman and Augusta Lamp. He is known to have had an older brother named Albert and a sister named Irene. His father provided for the family by working as a livestock dealer, and his mother presumably stayed home to take care of the children. Vernon attended school until he was 16 before he joined the workforce and developed his skills as a craftsman. Vernon's older brother Albert worked for the Wilbur Lumber Company in Waukesha, and Vernon used that connection to find work. He was listed as working for the Sash and Door Office at Wilbur Lumber Company where he would use his adept skills to provide doors, windows, and many other items for the people of Waukesha. Vernon Lamp's childhood home used to be located here at 319 N Grand Avenue. He lived here up until his enlistment.

Vernon Lamp Registration Papers from St. Louis, Missouri

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Vernon Lamp Waukesha Registration Card

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Vernon Lamp's Gravestone at Mansion Memorial Park in Ellenton Florida.

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Once America became involved in the war overseas Vernon wanted to help. He was given the opportunity to use his craftsman skills and was listed as an "Architectural Draftsman" on his registration card. Newport News, Virginia was home to Camp Stuart which was the nation's biggest embankation camp during WWI. Vernon along with over 1,000 construction workers were there to build homes and barracks for the soldiers to stay in before they were sent overseas. By using this opportunity, Vernon was able to serve his country without risking his life in the trenches overseas.

Once America helped to win the war in Europe, Vernon was no longer need in Virginia so he returned home. Soon after returning he was married to Marjore O'Hearn on July 1st, 1918. Once married, Vernon wanted to start a life of his own and chose to move across the state to a small town called West Salem, located just over ten miles away from La Crosse, Wisconsin. Vernon wanted to start a family of his own, and in 1921 his daughter Janet was born, then three years later in 1924 his son John was brought into the family.

Once Vernon had moved away from his family in Waukesha, he knew that he needed a job that could support him. Yet again, Vernon used his opportunities to his advantage in doing so. With the emergence of the automobile in everyday American life, people needed a place to store them especially in the harsh Wisconsin winters. Vernon, with his vast set of architectural and construction skills, became a garage salesman and builder. He set out building garages for many families across La Crosse County to provide for his family and put his children through school. After the death of his first wife, Vernon was remarried. He was a hard working man and once he retired, he and his second wife Florence would move to Manatee County in Florida to live out the rest of their golden years. Vernon H Lamp died presumably of old age on August 31st, 1977 at the age of 84.

Overall, Vernon was a man who took the opportunities presented to him and used them to better his life and the lives of those around him. He used the connections and skills that he developed to earn jobs, serve his country in a way that didn't put him in the trenches in Europe, and put food on his table. Vernon is a prime example that to be a veteran it does not mean that you have to risk your life on the battlefield. His contributions to the war were necessary and helped to keep the soldiers warm and safe before they were to be sent overseas to fight. Good opportunities in life can often be missed, but in Vernon's case he, took the rights ones to benefit himself and his loved ones.

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