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This mural is located on the side of the former Hal Marshall County Services Building. It was painted by Sebastian Coolidge for the Talking Walls mural festival in 2018. Talking Walls is a citywide public art and mural festival bringing together artists with diverse styles and backgrounds. The festival happens annually in the fall.

Sky, Building, Architecture, Plant

Talking Walls is a local organization dedicated to elevating the creative spirit of Charlotte by showcasing a diverse range of artistic talent from across the southeast region along with national and international artists. Sebastian Coolidge is a Florida-based artist who completed this mural for the 2018 Talking Walls mural festival. A large flower set horizontally in six different painted panels stretches across the façade of the former Hal Marshall County Services Building.

Key Formal Elements:

  • Limited color palette
  • Focal point is the face of the flower

Make the Connection: Sebastian Coolidge is a mixed media artist with a recognizable style that often includes this funky flower with flowing petals. He designs clothing, sculpture, as well as other art. This flower sports a little mix of surrealism and fantasy as the flower has a face. How would you paint a flower?