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A bright and elegant Classical figure surrounded by graffiti is painted on the side wall of NC Dance Theatre. This large-scale mural is located about half-way down along the side street of 10th Street. It was painted by the artists Pichiavo in 2019 during the Charlotte Shout Festival.

Azure, Pink, Art, Artist

Property, Blue, Paint, World

Wheel, Azure, Handwriting, Graffiti

Sky, World, Blue, Azure

Two Spanish artists form the internationally known group called Pichiavo. Their first mural in Charlotte is a collaboration with the Charlotte Shout Festival and Talking Walls. The Charlotte Shout festival was a celebration of art, music, and ideas that coincided with the commemoration of Charlotte’s 250th anniversary and was held in May 2019. The artists are known for their unique combination of classical art and contemporary urban street art.

Key Formal Elements:

  • Contour lines of the drapery
  • Variety of the graffiti colors

Make the Connection: The artists have a distinct and unique style of painting. First, a solid layer of color is applied as a base coat. On the large wall, the base color is blue. On the smaller perpendicular wall, the base color is pink. Next, splotches of additional colors are added, upon which the graffiti is painted. Site-specific simples, or bubble-style lettering, are added for this mural. Find some words that relate to this site like dance, ballet, arts, etc. With the wall completely covered in graffiti, the artists then begin a delicate white washing of the form of the figure and add details that give the figure volume.

The subject matter of the mural is Terpsichore, one of the nine muses and the goddess of dance and chorus. This Classical Greek goddess comes complete with wet-drapery style clothing and a lyre (a musical instrument) in a contrapposto pose. The artists combine Classical art with street art as a way of linking the past with present and connecting fine arts with more contemporary forms of art.