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Water system installed in 1910 new tower in 1969

Plant, Tree, Road surface, Asphalt

Sky, Plant, Tree, Land lot

Plant, Wheel, Vehicle, Automotive tire

Cloud, Sky, Building, Black-and-white

Slope, Black-and-white, Art, Tints and shades

Sky, Horse, Black, Tree

Sky, Water, Tree, Tower

Sky, Tower, Overhead power line, Electricity

Car, Wheel, Tire, Sky

Sky, Cloud, Slope, Wood

Sky, Tints and shades, Tree, Slope

Sky, Black-and-white, Tints and shades, Monochrome

Gas, Monochrome photography, Composite material, Monochrome

Sky, Building, Tree, Tower

Storage tank, Water tower, Vehicle, Monochrome

Plant, Water tower, Natural landscape, Sky

Font, Material property, Handwriting, Parallel

Font, Material property, Handwriting, Parallel

Cloud, Sky, Wood, Slope

Sky, Plant, Branch, Twig

Sky, Tower, Building, Morning

Sky, Water, Building, Tower

Sky, World, Plant, Atmospheric phenomenon

Sky, Asphalt, Water, Tree

Car, Automotive parking light, Sky, Wheel

Automotive parking light, Wheel, Tire, Sky

Storage tank, Water tank, Water tower, Composite material