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The Bastable-Koblegard-Keeley House was built between 1870 and 1872 for George Bastable. It is likely the second oldest house in the Quality Hill Historic District. Bastable, who was associated with the Clarksburg Telegram, purchased this plot and several others in the area from Granville Davisson. The original structure was Victorian Gothic in nature. The two-story brick structure featured a five-bay facade with a one-story porch. A detached second-story porch was capped by a pedimented roof. The home was purchased by John Koblegard in 1881. Koblegard was an incorporator of Clarksburg’s Union National Bank and West Fork Oil and Natural Gas Company. Under Koblegard’s tenure, major renovations between 1911 and 1924 markedly converted the Bastable-Koblegard-Keeley House from Victorian Gothic to distinctly Neo-Classical Revival. The multiple one-bay porches were replaced with a single pedimented three-bay porch supported by four doric columns. The previously symmetrical roof was altered with the addition of a gabled attic space perpendicular to the general flow of the roofline. The brickwork was also painted white to match the clapboard and porch. The home was purchased some time in the twentieth century by a member of Clarksburg’s Keeley family, likely Tom Keeley.

The Bastable-Koblegard-Keeley House, which was converted from its original Victorian Gothic style to Neo-Classical Revival.

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