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The Thomas W. Harrison House was built circa 1860 for Thomas W. Harrison. Harrison attended West Virginia’s First Constitutional Convention and was the first circuit court judge of Harrison County following the formation of the state. In addition to his law duties and pursuits, Harrison also served as the director of the Merchants Bank. The Thomas W. Harrison Home is a two and a half story square brick building. It is set back rather far from the street and occupies a significant plot of land. Origionally a simple brick farm house on Broad Oaks farm, the facade now features a number of Neo-Classical Revival features, most notably the pedimented portico with a well decorated entablature. A mansard roof suggests Europe’s urban centers. By the early 20th century the building was abandoned until the 1920s when it was acquired and decorated by Jay Edward Long and his wife Anna Shaffer. They occupied the home until 1940, when it was purchased by the family of Louis A. Johnson. Johnson served as United States Secretary of Defense under President Harry Truman from 1949 to 1950.

The Thomas W. Harrison House

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