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The congregation of the Clarksburg Baptist Church formed in 1848 as the First Baptist Church of Clarksburg. During the organization’s earliest years, services were held in the Harrison County Courthouse while a permanent structure was completed. This structure was a simple one and a half story brick building. The brick church served the First Baptist Church of Clarksburg until 1896, when construction was completed on the current church building. It was also around this time that the congregation changed their name to Clarksburg Baptist Church. The current structure was completed at a cost of $6,000 — a little shy of $200,000 adjusted for inflation. The building is Gothic Revival in style and features a number of unique features. A square belfry vertically dominates the center of the church’s facade and was a departure from other structures of the time. The unornamented brick walls are a complementary match for the highly decorative pointed arch windows. Though the stylistically distinct section of the building to the left of the belfry appears to have been built at a different time than the rest of the structure, it is original. In fact, the only significant architectural modification was the addition of the Judson Center, a 1951 annex. Clarksburg Baptist Church continues to use this location for worship.

Clarksburg Baptist Church.

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Ca. 1960 photo of the building.

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