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You will view the townhouses and the brick building that make up the block of Allen Street between 17th and 16th Street. A generation ago, Belmont was considered one of Charlotte’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Now, it’s undergoing another transformation. Longtime residents celebrate the improved safety but grapple with the reality of soaring rents and taxes that may push them out. Post mill-village, Belmont had a very high percentage of rental properties, with most units being very affordable, but now many landlords are starting to either sell or fix up their properties to charge much higher prices.

Building, Sky, Cloud, Plant

In response to this surge of redevelopment in Belmont and across the City, St. Paul Baptist Church and the Zechariah Alexander Community Development Corporation worked with Charlotte-based Laurel Street housing consultants to develop 3.5 blocks of the church’s land into 112 affordable housing units for seniors and families. The development received a significant financial contribution from the City of Charlotte.

Centra Square is made up of a 60-unit senior housing building, 29 townhome-style family units, and a 23-unit, garden-style flat building. The development targets households at 60% area median income and below.

Now turn right, or west on East 16th Street and walk to the corner of Harrill Street for our next stop. Cross East 16th Street to find the medallion at the one-story brick building.