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And finally, you have arrived at our last stop, viewing 933 Hub. Built in 1945, Jack’s Cookie Company, was acquired by Murray Bakery, which became Keebler, which in turn was purchased by Kellogg. Factory workers produced Famous Amos, Austin Sandwich cremes, and Iced Animal cookies, and sweet smells wafted through the neighborhood. The plant closed in 2014, and the property was purchased by Doug Bradley and Peter Thompson, who transformed it into a dynamic mixed-use facility that in 2020 includes a coworking space, escape room, brewery, indoor skate park, café, and axe throwing facility.

Jack's Cookie Company

Building, Cloud, Sky, Window


Sky, Cloud, Building, Wheel

933 Hub

Sky, Building, White, Plant

We’ve now come almost full circle on our history walk. Just head north and cross the railroad tracks to get back to the mill that started it all.

Thank you for taking this journey, and hopefully, you have learned about the various transformations of this community, as well as the systems that caused displacement and promoted decline.

Like many cities across the country, Charlotte is grappling with the consequences of the past and continued displacement, while under-invested areas become desirable again. Belmont remains a diverse community with a wide range of home sizes, socio-economic levels, and racial makeup. The challenge is to keep this mix and integrate long-term and newcomer residents. Without more equitable systems and approaches, displacement and the tale of two cities is likely to continue.  

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