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Built in 1905, the Folger Coffee Company building housed offices, a warehouse, and a processing plant for the company as it grew into a household name. As the former headquarters for the brand, this building saw Folgers grow from its roots as a family run business into the coffee-producing giant that it is today.

  • Folger Coffee Co May 2006
This building was once the headquarters for the Folgers Coffee Company. A red brick exterior is backed by a steel frame, which is built on top of forty-foot wooden pilings that help the building stay standing during earthquakes. This support has made it possible for the building to survive many of the natural disasters that other historical buildings have not. 

The five story building housed offices, a warehouse, and a processing plant. From this building the Folgers company oversaw the introduction of coffee beans from Central America, which completely changed the coffee market in the United States. 

The top floor of the building held the California campus of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania for many years. In 2011, the Folgers Coffee Company building was bought by the University of San Francisco, and it is now used as by business majors due to its close proximity to many corporations. Even though coffee is no longer being produced in the building, its heritage can be seen by the company's logo that still occupies the exterior. 

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