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The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum features award-winning exhibits of the Johnsons' lives and adventures, African cultures, and changing themes of special exhibits. The museum offers visitors educational programs throughout the year for children and adults. Regular showing of Johnson films and a large research library are also available. A museum shop, Osa's Ark, is part of the museum and offers unusual and one-of-a-kind gifts and souvenirs.

  • The entrance to the museum.

In the early half of the 20th century, a pair of adventurers caught the eye of the public. These were none other than the husband and wife duo of Martin and Osa Johnson. The couple gained fame for their exploration of foreign lands such as Africa and the Pacific Isles, and for their many documentaries on these locations.

In 1961, the Chanute Chamber of Commerce officially opened the Martin and Osa Safari Museum to the public, in an effort to educate newer generations of the duo’s work as adventurers. This museum includes dozens of photographs, the couple’s movies, and artifacts that they gathered over the years. The museum also boasts an Imperato African Ethnographic Collection, which has several antiques and exhibits explaining African culture, and the Stott Explorer’s Library, contains over 10,000 volumes covering historical and cultural subjects. The Selsor Fine Arts Collection is the most recent addition to the museum, which focuses on a variety of sketches and sculptures of natural figures.

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