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This historic home was built in 1891 and represents a fine example of the Queen Anne style of architecture with its sinuous curves and deep verandah.The home features the original iron-work, wood panels, and stained glass-an elegant testament to the city's rapid growth in the 1890s. Unfortunately, Radford's iron foundry went bankrupt during the Panic of 1893 and this home stood empty for a number of years shortly after its completion.

  • This historic home is named after Lewis Harvey who purchased the home in the early 1900s.
This home was built by J.K. Dimmick, the founder of the Radford Land and Improvement Company. Unfortunately, one year after the house's completion the nation and region found itself in the midst of a depression known today as The Panic of 1893. Dimmick's company struggled when the city's leading enterprise, the Radford Foundry and Pipe Company, collapsed. Dimmick left Radford and the home stood empty for several years. By 1900, the city and region recovered and the home was occupied by several leading members of the community such as Lewis Harvey.   
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