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The Seay House is believed to be the oldest house in Spartanburg is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The home was built sometime before 1850 and is a good example of log cabin construction. It is named after the Seay family, who is believed to have kept the property in the family until 1969. The home is now owned by the Spartanburg County Historical Association, which offers private tours inside.

Erected before 1850, the Seay House is thought to be the oldest house in Spartanburg. It is owned by the Spartanburg County Historical Association.

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For many years the house was called the Jammie Seay House. Jammie Seay was born in Virginia in 1750 and fought in the Revolutionary War. He settled in South Carolina and bought 200 acres close to Fairforest Creek, which runs through the county. It appears he eventually enlarged his property to 500 acres. It was thought that Jammie built the house but research found evidence connecting to his son, Kinsman, to the house. Kinsman was born in 1784 and died in 1883. He was a respected member of the community and a founder of the Central Methodist Church. Records show that he and his descendants were associated with the house until 1969. Jammie lived until 1894 and may have lived in the house with Kinsman. Kinsman's three unmarried daughters lived in the house as late as the 1890s. It appears that the Spartanburg County Historical Association acquired the Seay House in the early 1970s and restored it.

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