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Stop #19 on the Scott City Historic Walking Tour: Early day Livery Stables or barns were one of the most important structures in a town and one of the first buildings to be erected. They not only housed the animals, they had several other thriving businesses within the stable. The Blue Front Livery & Stable and the Star Livery Stables were early day livery stables in Scott.

Pioneer Sale Barn, 1925

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Johnson Bungalow built out of lumber from Pioneer Livery Barn

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The largest barn was the Pioneer Livery Barn and it was located on the 400 Block of Court Street. It was built in 1887 by Bob Neighbor and later run by Chancy Harris and John Hale. It covered a huge area and included box stalls, a vast loft and an old office.

With the coming of the auto, the livery stable business was obliterated and for its last years, it was used only as a feeding stable for stock on its way to market. Since its usefulness was over, the last owner, Col. A.H. Johnson, decided to tear it down. He used the old lumber to build houses. The Colonel had visions of a valuable residential district that would be close to the Court House. He used the thousands of feet of perfectly good lumber to erect six modern homes in 1925. The houses were known as the Johnson Bungalows and still face the Court House today as the Colonel envisioned.

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Scott County Historical Society

Scott County Historical Society