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Built by Antone Rushford about 1870, then purchased by Gideon (Jerry) LeMieux (Le- M e r e ) i n 1 8 8 9 . (Gideon changed his name to Jerry LeMere) The tavern was destroyed by fire in 1897 and Jerry rebuilt it with his sons Phillip, Jerry and Frank. It became known as Uncle Jerry's place where dances and socials were held in the dance hall on the second floor.

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Building, House, Window, Facade

Building, Window, Sky, Fixture

In 1938, August “Casey” and Lelia

Lautenbach purchased the tavern

and changed the dance hall to 4

rental rooms at $2/night. Casey's

sons, Donald and Lester continued

operation until 1987. Bob Manson

purchased it and sold to Matt

Peterson in 2008, it has been

“Casey's” since 1938. Bob Hope

was a patron of note.