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This one room building is the site of an 19th century historic school renovated into a modern day museum. Collinswood School Museum is home to an exhibit on the region’s vast strawberry history, logging history, Native American artifacts, and antique pieces from pre-Civil War and Civil War era.

  • Collinswood Schoolhouse Museum
  • Collinswood Schoolhouse Museum Grounds

In 1876, a man named Mr. Collins built this one room schoolhouse on his property as a location for his son to receive tutoring. At first, his son and the teacher were the only two who spent their time in this school house, however with time other children began to join the lessons, and by 1908 the one room school held students first through sixth grade.

With the prevalence of state sponsored schools, the one room school house was out of commission for many years. However, in 1975 the Ponchatuloua Bicentennial Commission selected the the building to be developed as the Collinswood School Museum. The family who owned the building donated it to the city, and restoration took place.

In 1976 the museum opened showcasing important artifacts on the town and surrounding area. The museum has remained open ever since. Currently, the museum illustrates the area’s cyprus and logging history, history of agriculture and strawberry business, along with a demonstration on the development of the railroad, and local historical artifacts.
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