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Resembling a 15th century French Village right out of a storybook, homes typically have half-timbered elements, many with projecting second stories, dormers, and shingled gabled roofs. The closest Village to downtown Coral Gables, just off busy Le Jeune Rd, thousands of daily drivers probably don’t realize what’s just around the corner in this small, cozy enclave that circles on and off Le Jeune.

The French Normandy Villages hides in plain view, just off a busy Coral Gables street.

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Just prior to WW2, the French Normandy Village housed five fraternities from the University of Miami and during the war was a home-away-from-home for soldiers. Bult in 1926 and 1927 the Village was designed by architects John and Coulton Skinner. Of the original 71 units planned only 11 were ever constructed.

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