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The House of Wickersham is a historical site because it was a home built by James Wickers. Wickersham was a pioneer judge from Alaska, he built this home in 1898.

  • This is a drawing of the home.
   Before getting into the landmark it is important to understand the man behind it. James Wickers, the builder of this landmark, author, scholar, and so much more was said to have made a large impact on the heritage of alaska. He was involved in literature, politics, history, commerce as well as he was a member of congress.
   Wickers served as a judge in the US District- Court from 1900-1907. During his time as a judge he was a part of the "Eagle to Rampart Circuit", with his dog team, or sometimes steamer he covered this thousand mile round trip. During his travels he held what he called " floating court". Along with his other accomplishments as a judge, Wickersham restored the trust of the people in Nome after a judge was removed for abusing his judicial power.
   The House of Wickersham was the beginning of large Victorian houses. It is said to be a portal back in time when you step in the doors of this home. Once inside the home you can see the bone china cup, and get the feel of how the man responsible for the Alaska Railroad, "Home Rule", and Alaska University saw things in his home.