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The former U.S. Post Office remains one of the city's most attractive and historic buildings. Built around 1906, it is significant for its architecture and association with the federal government, which operated the post office. The building also housed a federal court and government offices, including the office of a U.S. congressman. In terms of design, the building is a fine example of Second Renaissance architecture. It features a wide, projecting cornice, segmentally arched and pedimented windows, and "eye of bull" dormers on the roof. The building appears to currently house a variety of offices.

The former United States Post Office in Florence was built ca. 1906 and operated until 1975 when a new facility was erected. The building now seems to be used as office space.

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The state legislature founded the city of Florence on March 9, 1871. At the time, it was an important railroad town and commercial center, and the population in the town and surrounding area grew in the coming years. In 1888, Florence County was established and Florence became the county seat. As the economic and political focal point for the county, Florence continued to grow. The construction of the Post Office reflected the important status the town had achieved up to that point. An addition on the rear of the building was erected around 1935. The building continued to operate as a post office and federal court until 1975, when a new building was constructed.

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