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The Seattle Children's Museum features a number of hands-on, interactive exhibits and play spaces that were designed for children from around age 10 months up to age 8. In addition, the museum also offers many educational programs and activities that can be enjoyed by pre-school and elementary school-age children, as well as by visiting families. The museum's mission is "to ignite curiosity and to encourage active, life-long learning."

COG City at the Seattle Children's Museum

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Theater at the Seattle Children's Museum

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Imagination Studio at the Seattle Children's Museum

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Discovery Bay at the Seattle Children's Museum

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The Seattle Children's Museum is located in the Armory in the Seattle Center Campus, close to the Space Needle. In fact, it is located just 150 steps from the base of this landmark. According to the museum's mission statement, it aims to "bring to life the joy of discovery for children and their families through fun, creative, hands-on exploration of the world around them."

In addition, the museum supports social and racial justice initiatives through its programming, exhibits, and events. In seeking to foster in children a positive sense of self and self-esteem through its mission, the museum is also working towards an equitable future for all. It supports indigenous artists and communities through a program called Tribal Tales. The museum also partners with people and communities of color to update its exhibits, events, and programs as part of its Global Village initiative.

Other special areas of the museum include COG City, a large-scale interactive exhibit that allows children to play while learning about gears, pulleys, levers, and other aspects of engineering design. The Discovery Bay features undersea creatures including live fish. The Imagination Studio is a space where children can build with clay. The Mountain invites learning about the flora and fauna of Washington state, while the Global Village gives children the chance to imagine traveling to Ghana, the Philippines, and Japan. For additional special events, exhibits, and public programs, be sure to check the museum's website for details before visiting.

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the Seattle Children's Museum

the Seattle Children's Museum

the Seattle Children's Museum

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