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Primrose Court sheltered housing complex now occupies the entrance to this station

On of two railway lines to serve Whiteinch and Scotstoun, the Whiteinch Railway Company opened Whiteinch Goods Mineral and Livestock station in 1874 as part of the line which ran from Dumbarton Road to Crow Road. The Whiteinch Tramway Company continued the line across Dumbarton Road and through fields (ultimately the site of Scotstoun Street) to the river.

Cattle was brought from the wharves at the Clyde to the goods yard at Whiteinch Victoria Park station or driven from the yard to the wharves. In 1891 the North British Railway bought the Whiteinch Railway Company, introducing a passenger service in 1897.

In 1934, 50 Canadian bullocks stampeded from Merkland's Wharf and caused chaos in the area for quite some time. A train at Jordanhill station had to be delayed while cattle were removed from the line, and visitors to Victoria Park were entertained by the sight of a number of beasts paddling in the pond. Allotments in Scotstoun were tramples on and a football match being played on a pitch beside Crow Road had to be delayed until the drovers could round up the animals

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