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The Cape Breton Miners Museum exists to enhance the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the events, experiences, and people associated with Cape Breton’s mining industry; how it shapes our history, our identity, and connects us to the world and its diverse cultures. When you first enter the exhibit, you will turn to your right and there will be a bunch of paintings of different parts that have taken place during the coal mining era.

Each of the paintings in the exhibit's gallery have a meaning behind them all, from good to bad. The paintings are separated into different sections, from what it looked like to work in the mines, the explosions/collapses, to the final call when it was over. A lot has happened not only down in the mine but also above ground. These paintings speak a lot of words in many different ways. Although we don't actually experience it like the miners did, we can still feel that we do in another way as we learn more about the coal mining history.