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The Amerind Foundation is a museum and research facility dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Native American cultures and their histories.

Over eighty years ago, William and Rose Fulton traveled to Dragoon, Arizona, to build their new home. Having stayed at the Triangle T Guest Ranch in Texas Canyon, William Fulton fell in love with the area and bought up 1600 acres. The Connecticut couple had both turned 50; the kids were grown and they were looking for a second home in the sunny west.

They set about building much more than that. Mrs. Fulton loved the American Quarter Horse and put their new FF Ranch to work raising the breed. Mr. Fulton loved the history, arts and cultures of Native American people. Seventy-years ago he created a nonprofit organization that he called the Amerind Foundation.

The Fultons built a spacious museum in Texas Canyon, and there they assembled a beautiful collection of Native arts and crafts created by people from North, Central, and South America. Mr. Fulton pursued and funded archaeological research expeditions that shed light on the ancient peoples of Cochise County and northern Mexico.

The Fultons passed on in the 1960s, but their legacy survives. The Amerind continues to display the fine arts and fine crafts of Native American people.