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The New Children's Museum dates back to the establishment of the Children's Museum of San Diego in the 1980s and is located in an environmentally sustainable building that features natural light and fresh air. The museum began operations in their newly-updated space in 2008 and features large-scale art installations that children can engage with and explore. Together with these exhibits and experiences, the museum seeks to boost creativity and imagination through play-based learning experiences.

The New Children's Museum in San Diego

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The New Children's Museum of San Diego

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The New Children's Museum of San Diego

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The New Children's Museum originally opened in La Jolla in 1983 as the Children's Museum of San Diego. In 1993, it relocated downtown to a repurposed warehouse building. Then, in 2008, it reopened as the New Children's Museum with a goal of hiring professional artists to create full-scale art installations that could be come part of the museum's exhibits.

The museum's vision of creating larger than life art exhibits was realized. Today, children can play, climb in, engage with, and explore these works of art through multi-sensory learning experiences. The museum's stated mission is to "stimulate imagination, creativity and critical thinking in children and families through inventive and engaging experiences with contemporary art."

Today, the museum is also housed in an innovative new building designed by the award-winning architect Rob Wellington Quigley. It is environmentally sustainable and features large windows that allow natural light to flood the interior. At 50,000 square feet, the interior of the building offers dynamic, flexible spaces that can be reconfigured to host a number of different changing art installations. The space is also popular for events and weddings.

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