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Jonesboro's First Baptist Church dates back to 1852 when the congregation was organized. In its early years, the church was known as Bethan Baptist until 1878. The congregation met in schools and other places until 1869 when construction of its first church edifice began. The construction of a second church building on the corner of Main and Jefferson began in 1892, but that building was lost in a fire leading to the congregation's efforts to build this structure in 1915.

A Long Shot of the First Baptist Church on S.Main St.

the picture shows the long short of the building and environment of the building

A medium close shot of one of the entrances of the church building First Baptist Church on S.Main St.

Also showing the name of the church

A full shot of the side view and parking lot of the church building

The view shows like a sign post of the church and part of the street

First Baptist entrance on the S. Main Street

A medium long shot of the church entrance

When the congregation's 1892 structure was completed, it featured an auditorium and a large Sunday school room. Although that second building was destroyed by fire, work begun on the present building in 1915. This church was completed at the cost of $100,000 and dedicated debt-free in 1917.

By that time, church membership had now grown to 708. Although the names of early pastors were lost due to fires that destroyed the previous church as well as one that destroyed county records, the pastors starting with J.M Joiner (1895-1896) are recorded. Joiner was followed by Elder E. P Minton 91896- 1897), Elder A. S Pettie (1887-1899). Elder Frances Bozman (1899-1902), Dr. Samuel A. Smith (1903-1904), Elder U.S Thomas (1904-1909) Elder E. E. Dudley (1909-1916) and Dr. J. R. Hobbs (1916-1919). While Dr. Austin Crouch (1919-1922) led the church to an increase in missionary work. Attendance in Sunday School reached 420 during his tenure with a church membership of 914. Rev B. A. Pugh (1923-1926) and Rev. A. W. Reaves (1928-1930) served at a time of continued growth with membership increasing to 1384. Rev. Dow Heard (1930-1936) and Dr. O.L. Powers (1937-1946) led the church through the Depression and war years.

Rev. Holland began his pastorate in 1946 and led the church through a period of expansion and reorganization. A two story educational building was dedicated in 1950, a third floor was added in 1954, as a nursery facility on the northeast corner. Also student Union at Arkansas State University was constructed in (1953). In 1963 the entire church building was remodeled and air conditioned. 

Lastly, the church building in twenty first century is a very big building, made with colorful bricks, wooden brown doors and an attractive place to worship with many entrance to different sections of the building. the church building extends to the other side of the road on Union street. With stained glass windows plus name of the church written on some strategic areas of the building. 

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