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Madison National Bank was constructed in 1918. The former bank is now used as the local community library.

The Madison National Bank Building was designed in the Beaux Arts style and constructed in 1918 by the Huntington firm, J.J. West and Company. In the twentieth century the railroad and coal fields were being opened and an interest for a bank was expressed in the community. The Madison National Bank was chartered as the first bank in Boone County on November 28, 1902. It was built to provide the needs for a bank in the community and the surrounding areas. The founders of the bank were Julian Hill (President), F.C. Leftwich (Vice President), Sid Croft (Cashier), Cecil Croft, J.M. Hopkins, Sam Bradley, and Doutin Stillings.1

When the bank first started operation it was in a one-room store in downtown Madison until 1906. It moved then into a two-story concrete block-building. Then the bank moved into the building located at 157 Main Street in 1918 after it was constructed. Also on May 31, 1929 the Boone County Bank merged with Madison National Bank. Boone County Bank was chartered on December 17, 1907 and became the Boone National Bank. The two bank's consolidation added more stability to the banking of Boone County.1

Around this time, Boone National Bank rented out space in the building. C&P Telephone Company began operating switchboards on the third floor. They vacated in 1966 with the new dialing system started. Boone National Bank remained in the Madison National Bank Building until September 1964. After the bank moved, the building remained empty for ten years until it was donated to the State Library Commission for use as a public library. Madison National bank is the oldest bank in Boone County, and has served area residents for over 100 years. 1