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In 1962 the highway across the Creston Flats was established. Prior to the ferry, getting to West Creston and Nick’s Island required the West Creston Ferry, which was established in 1910. This ferry was crucial for bringing residents, trucks filled with logs, grain, hay, and produce from the farms on the flats, herds of cattle, and even schoolchildren, into town.

The First Ferry in use

Plant community, Plant, Sky, Tree

The Fifth and Final Ferry in the 1960's

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c. Winter 1949 - Ferryman Wallace Thompson's truck on the way to work

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Nick's Island Ferry in use - Pictured is Archie Beatty holding a very young Donald Berg

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The West Creston Ferry operated for six decades. The amount of traffic varied greatly from season to season, and the busiest time of the year was the late summer and the early fall when crops were being harvested and needed to be brought to the grain elevators. During this time, the traffic was so immense that the West Creston ferry could not handle all of it. To help ease traffic coming to the West Creston Ferry, additional ferries were implemented at Nick’s Island, Reclamation Farm at the south end of the valley, and at Lewis Island in the northwest. Over 60 years, the West Creston Ferry Landing was served by five ferries.

The Creston Museum and Archives

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The Creston Museum Archives

Creston Museum Archives

Creston Museum Archives

Creston Museum Archives